Legal Parallax provides consultancy services relating to international and domestic legal issues associated with Earth orbit and other non terrestrial ventures and activities. It also provides services associated with United States territorial law and federal litigation. The company accepts engagement of services involving but not limited to the following:

  • Preparation and presentation of private tutorials to legal professionals, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, novices, students, and other persons concerning space law.
  • Research and analysis of space law treaties and international law issues relating to existing, proposed or contemplated Earth orbit activities and other space related ventures. The final product will be presented in a written and/or oral format.
  • Research and analysis of issues involving United States territorial law.
  • Consultation and assistance with judicial and non judicial proceedings involving issues of U.S. territorial law and/or  space law and policy. This consultation includes assisting in the development of litigation strategy, and assisting with the preparation of motion practice memoranda and  appellate briefs.

Consistent with its underlying philosophy that situational awareness always matters, Legal Parallax customizes its services to accommodate the specific inquiry and unique needs of each project.